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BRED: October 16, 2023
BORN: November 16, 2023

Catoctin's Pandemoniums Panic

JNL's Under the Cover of Darkness




Hips: OFA Adult Certification GOOD

Elbows: OFA Adult Certification NORMAL


Auscultation- OFA Adult Certification- NORMAL

Echo-Cardiogram: Adult Certification NORMAL

No evidence  of cardiac disease

Heart Holter Report Alba Medical: 0-0-0

Ventricular- NOT present

Supraventricular- NOT present

Thyroid- Veterinarian blood panel tested- Normal

Eyes- OFA Adult Certification Normal

FOUR DNA Reports-

Optimal Selection Essential

Wisdom Panel Breeders

Wisdom Panel Premium

Embark Breed & Health

 ALL reports 100% clear of her of 250+ known Canine Diseases

Degenerative Myelopathy-  CLEAR 100% Disease FREE 

Blood disorders/diseases-  CLEAR 100% Disease FREE

Ocular disorders/diseases-  CLEAR 100% Disease FREE 

Endocrine disorders/diseases- CLEAR 100% Disease FREE

Immunological disorders/diseases-CLEAR 100% Disease FREE

Renal disorders/diseases-  CLEAR 100% Disease FREE

Metabolic disorders/diseases- CLEAR 100% Disease FREE

Muscular disorders/diseases- CLEAR 100% Disease FREE

Neurological disorders/diseases- CLEAR 100% Disease FREE

Neuromuscular disorders/diseases-CLEAR 100% Disease FREE

Skeletal disorders/diseases- CLEAR 100% Disease FREE

Dermal disorders/diseases- CLEAR 100% Disease FREE

Panic is a beautiful plush gray sable female that is powerfully built with striking beauty and elegance.

She has a body of brawn with a well-defined muscle structure that stems from her athletic prowess and activity. Her overall conformation is evident in her flowing and effortless strides and that physique proves to the watchful eyes how important a body’s form defines its function when distinguished by a well-balanced build.

With an ever-present noble look in her eyes, it is not difficult to see she possesses the calm intelligence that is wrapped around a loving and playful spirit.

She is a faithful, loyal companion to our family and a welcoming affectionate force to our friends.

Her overall beauty, brawn and brains is exemplary to the breed standard. 

Panic is my heart dog that has never met a stranger!


Hips: OFA Adult Certification GOOD

PennHip: DI indexes: L 0.28, R 0.24 NO osteoarthritis 

Elbows: OFA Adult Certification NORMAL  


Echo-Cardiogram: Adult Certification NORMAL

No evidence of osteoarthritis       

Heart Holter Report Alba Medical:  0-0-0 

Ventricular- NOT present

Supraventricular- NOT present

Degenerative Myelopathy-  Carrier

NO PUPPIES in this litter will ever HAVE the DM disease. Carriers bred to Clears can never produce a puppy that HAS the disease. Puppies may carry the disease but symptoms can NOT manifest as a carrier.   

Capone, or better known as "Pony", is a magnificent bi-black and silver plush male. He was produced by Jan Santini of JNL Pocono Shiloh and he is breathe-taking!

I am honored to be the first to use this majestic, brawny, brilliant, sweet and loving, male. Panic is approximately 27 inches tall at the withers so take notice, in the above pictures, how much taller this males stands against my leg. He DWARFS Panic!

And what a love bug. His temperament is exceptionally laid back and sweet. I have never met such a sound, solid, brawny, gorgeous Shiloh Shepherd, like this boy. He tips the scales at a PERFECTLY LEAN, 140lbs!!! NO FAT!!! He stands a true 30-31 inches at the withers.  Capone is the complete package that I have been searching for, as a mate for Panic, for three years!!

The puppies that will be produced in this litter carry the whole pedigree package for size, brawn, beauty and brains. Carrying one of the most sound genetically researched pedigrees, with a RARE and LOW Coefficient of inbreeding, at 9.82%, I can see the writing on the wall that THIS will be a signature litter out of Catoctin Shiloh Shepherds.

Puppies will be due around the second week in November, and go home mid-month in January 2024.

Catoctin Shilohs would love to thank JNL's Pocono Shilohs, Jan Santini, for being an amazing kennel and working together to see this breeding come to fruition. And to Lisa Huber for bringing "Pony" to Hilton, NY to work with a well-known reproductive veterinary center such as Hilton Veterinary Hospital.


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