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About Catoctin Shiloh Shepherds

About Catoctin Shiloh Shepherds

Catoctin Shilohs is nestled in the scenic Catoctin Mountains of Maryland. We are located in the same mountain range as that of the presidential retreat, Camp David. We are located approximately 12 miles north of Frederick, and approximately 10 miles south of the famous Gettysburg, PA.


About our dogs

All of our dogs are household family members, socialized to love people and trained to interact with all living things from babies to the elderly, and from big farm animals to tiny pets. They are all sweet and loving in temperament, solid in structure and sound in health. Our dogs are raised so that when they come to you, they have been nurtured to become loving extensions of your family. Our kennel is also one of only two kennels that health tests our breeding stock more than any other Shiloh Shepherd kennel out there. We only use breeding dogs that have not only passed every OFA health test available which includes clearing the heart through echocardiograms and heart holters, but we also go above and beyond with state of the art DNA testing. Our dogs DNA are checked against the diseases affecting breeds today. They are checked against 360 known diseases and we only use dogs that have cleared EVERY ONE of those through their DNA! We take breeding extremely serious! 


About our Experience 

We have bred, raised and trained Shilohs for 20+ years. They have excelled in the show ring, have earned titles in obedience, and have shown they have the aptitude for herding. We have certified our Shilohs as therapy dogs who participate in various situations such as hospital visitations, nursing home outreach, and they participate in PTSD reduced anxiety assistance. We have trained our Shilohs to assist autistic children for their own unique needs. We have also been invited into schools for career days, given lectures on the Shiloh breed and have done demonstrations on the Shiloh Shepherds' versatility. 


About our knowledge 

We are well versed in all breeds of dogs and have worked with dogs of various breeds for over 45 years. Our expertise is based on a passion that lies in the study of the genetics and the genetic health of the Shiloh Shepherd and how those two come together for the betterment of the breed. We actively participate in and work with the genetics team gathering information and health data so we have a strong grasp in the understanding of the Shiloh population and breeding dogs. We are a part of the breeds outcross program in order to provide genetic diversity and hybrid vigor for the breed. We also advise and assist breeders from all over the US and Canada with their breeding stock to help them analyze potential faults and virtues within particular pairings.


About our goals

We socialize our dogs extensively in various activities starting at the early age of 16 weeks. From that age and forward, we continue working in social situations throughout their lives. We are routinely seen in parks, cruising city streets and enjoying historic locations and sites all over Maryland and Pennsylvania with a crew of “all breed” friends. We tour with our dogs with a goal of introducing the Shiloh to the public, educating the public in the breed, and showing them how regal and majestic the Shiloh Shepherd is. Our goal is presenting Shiloh Shepherd ambassadors to the public for a growth in awareness of this fabulous rare breed.


About our success

For over 20 years we have successfully placed Shiloh Shepherds into the homes of families that share our attitude, enthusiasm and dedication with these exceptional animals. It is our mission to add to your happiness by placing a beautiful representation of the Shiloh Shepherd into your home. Our home is always open to visits, as we love to share with you the joy of being around and interacting with this rare breed treasure. We want you to see what our dogs are like, up close and personal. Catoctin Shilohs brings to your home, the best "all around dog" possible for you and your family. This has been, and continues to be, our ultimate and achieved goal!

Come see and experience, for yourself, what it is like to be owned by a Shiloh.

Thank you for looking into a Catoctin Shiloh Shepherd. We look forward to finding you the perfect family companion. 

                                                         Becky & Kara Althoff

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