Catoctin's Frontier Mountain Man 


DOB: August 28, 2017

Boone is a future hopeful stud for Catoctin Shiloh Shepherds. He has a long journey to reach that esteemed position with a full set of health testing on him AND health testing on his siblings, to see if he makes it into our program. This offers us a well rounded view of the alleles he carries dominantly and recessively. That is how we manage our breeding program. Only the very best make the cut.. 


At this time we have approximately 200 applications for a Catoctin Shiloh Shepherd.

You are welcome to fill one out as we match each puppies aptitude and personality attributes to the "best fit" applicant.

In order to serve you better. We also recommend contacting:
Jennifer Stanley at
MountainTop Shepherds

You may still contact Catoctin Shilohs if you have ANY questions regarding the breed. We will gladly help you find your puppy: 



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Catoctin Mountains,

MD  21788


Landline:  301-271-3550​

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