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We believe in presenting the Shiloh Shepherd as the breed standard describes them. Our dogs are bred to be noble, intelligent dogs with sweet and kind dispositions yet intuitively protective when real threats present. They carry an aura that radiates a sense of regal wisdom and strength. They are the true powerfully built dog with broad heads, large bones, plus the height and carriage that offers a vision of true balance and movement. Our dogs are the total and complete package. We create dogs that are devoted to their families yet have the ability to trust and accept people who are welcomed into their homes; willingly, with kind and gentle attitudes. When raised properly and socialized appropriately, these dogs are crowd stopping, magnificent, majestic, regal animals that offer their owners pure happiness.


Our goal is to move the breed into the future, working with genetics teams and the database project team to follow all aspects of the Shiloh Shepherd. We take the life of every dog brought into this world very seriously. Our dogs genetic health is tested meaning their DNA is checked against 360 known canine diseases and we only use the dogs that have cleared EVERY ONE of those through their DNA report! We take breeding extremely serious! Our goal is to offer you the assurance and security that your new puppy has been bred with the highest of ethics and standards. From our home to your arms, your happiness is our business.  


Catoctin Shiloh Shepherds is nestled in the scenic Catoctin Mountain National Park area, in Maryland. We reside in the same mountain range as that of the presidential retreat, Camp David. Located just 12 miles north of Frederick, MD and approximately 10 miles south of the historic Gettysburg, PA, our home is a prime site for walking and socializing our dogs in and around all walks of life. We can also access Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC in a short amount of time.  


Proud to be Catoctin Shilohs
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