MountainTop Shilohs Litter sired by Catoctin's Baelfire

Born July 20, 2017 

All Puppies are in their forever homes

MountainTop Shiloh's GORGEOUS litter with our stud Bae!

Catoctin Shilohs choose the pick of the litter female puppy from this litter. Congratulations to Sunshine Shiloh Shepherds who was the recipient of this stunning girl!


At this time we do not have any puppies available until 2022. 

Please check back with us at that time and we will have several litters coming in once our femaies come of age.
We do have available studs for use, to other Shiloh breeders. Check out our stud page. 

You may still contact Catoctin Shilohs if you have ANY questions regarding the breed. We will gladly help you find your puppy: 



Home location:

Catoctin Mountains,

MD  21788


Landline:  301-271-3550​

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Newborn Bae/Cortana puppies